When I was studying the landscape in Pembrokeshire, I collected shapes and patterns to use in my paintings. I have done a similar process here with childlike forms. Considering isolating body parts. Ive revisited previous painting techniques I’ve learned in both the field trips and now have begun to combine everything I have learnt to develop my own unique painting style. Using background perspectives from the landscape feel trip and the human form from experiences with the moroccan people.





while touching on alternative means such as sculpture, photography and conceptual ideas and challenging what I want to achieve from every angle I can think of, I still primarily consider myself a painter. I continue to paint scenes from memory of my experiences in the tattoo industry.

Encouraging expression and allowing the tattoo to be subject to experimentation which is in contrast to the tattoo industries strict rules and regulations and precise artworks. Ive tackled this issue in my current topic previously by making existing tattoo styles painterly with expression and experimentation.

Collectively my work is about what you dream to be as a child – looking back to where my artistic journey began and holding on to that idea – being rebellious and focusing on stigmatised art forms.


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