Both field projects have highly influenced my work in subject. The first field trip I atended was Things behind the sun where I went to stay in a hostel in Pembrokeshire to study the landscape. I chose to go on this trip as it was in contrast to the work I was doing in subject at the time and the work I created that summer, which was primarily focused on studying cities I had visited over the summer and I hoped it would give me a fresh mind set and broaden my ideas. I had been concentrating on patterns and textures of my surroundings in the city and abstracting them. I found it challenging and interesting adapting these skills to the natural environment of the Pembrokeshire landscape. I continued to collect shapes and textures that reflected the environment. In the workshops I began to learn how to make depth and perspective unclear and create the landscape as an object, which became my primary interest which I carried through into my subject work.

I decided to move away from studying landscape after studying it in first term. Before going to Morocco, out of my own interest, I was studying ways to convey the human form. Developing my child-like drawing style had allowed me to break conventional ideologies of the human form and express myself. I decided I was going to use what I had learned in order to be able to capture the busy lifestyle of Marrakech which was in contrast to the quiet, calm Pembrokeshire setting. I wanted to carry on developing this painting style to achieve a unique visual language in my art. Both field projects have been a lot to do with developing myself as an artist and one day I hope that people will be able to identify my work without having to look at the signature.

I focused on different aspects in each field trip and treated them as very separate projects, focusing on how I can reflect the landscape in Pembrokeshire, using natural colours and focusing on my interactions with people in Morocco and its vibrant colours. Recently I have begun to combine these two very different experiences in my paintings which has helped with creating a visual language in my work that is unique and personal to me. I believe these field trips were very beneficial to developing myself as an artist. My work focuses around these two unique and diverse experiences and I believe they were vital in order to inspire my subject work. The field trips have inspired me to carry on gaining new experiences and travel as much as I can to create art. Recently I have adapted what I have learnt in field and I intend to continue to reflect my current environment of the city with shape texture while combining this with my interactions with the people around me to develop my painting style.


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