My paintings are comprised of textures and shapes taken from my immediate environment of the city. This is combined with a childlike drawing style developed from my interactions with people to create a unique visual language – aiming to give the viewer an insight into my life and surroundings.

I am interested in stigmatized art forms such as graffiti and tattoo art as I believe them to be culturally integral to the city. I question whether these art forms could be elevated to fine art and throughout my artistic journey I consider ways in which the tattoo industry could leave behind the unfortunate stigma it has obtained in the past and branch out into new exciting artistic endeavors.

Allowing the tattoo to be subject to expression and experimentation is in contrast to the tattoo industries strict rules, regulations and precise artworks. I paint scenes from memory documenting my experiences in the tattoo industry, which is where my artistic journey began, to allow contemporary tattoo culture to be seen in a new light.



Instagram – @jonnyjameswall