After experimenting with words and images in the Morocco field trip and being inspired by Bastiat, I have been looking at how other artists use words to convey a message. I have been considering other ways of getting across the message of raising the status of tattoo art. This is something I haven’t looked into much yet and have found challenging as I haven’t used words in art in the past but I am inspired to use techniques such as humour and mystery and develop this side of my art in the future as I believe it could have a powerful effect with the particular topic I am interested at the moment.




During my research into raising the status of the tattoo I came across one issue of presenting the tattoo in a gallery- other than using photography. Thinking beyond photography I have attempted to represent the tattoo as an object by isolating body parts for the purpose of display. This has been a challenging aspect, to think of how I can capture everything the tattoo is and represents and display it. Taking the tattoo out of context raises further issues to do with tattoo styles and the link to the human skin.



With the popularity of tattoos today there will be a large audience that can relate to these images in one way or another. The viewer may gain a sense of nostalgia. They may remember their first tattoo or person that tattooed them, perhaps remember someone they’ve tattooed and created a unique bond with. Do they personally know everyone that has ever tattooed them (like I do), should they even know? A sense of regret? These images represent something personal and private, possibly an act between two people as intimate as an sexual act.


In more recent years’ graffiti art has moved from the walls of the city to canvas. Even though graffiti art is now shown in museums, the art in the street hasn’t declined. When graffiti is illegal its message is more powerful. Museum graffiti art loses its freedom and power. Graffiti has all the qualities of museum art but it’s free. Setting is key for street art as each phrase or image reads differently in different areas. After developing my graffiti and child-like style I am beginning to think about where my work should be shown.

I chose the gallery space as I felt my painting didn’t fit in their due to its stigmatised art form connotations. I believe it was a step towards elevating stigmatised art forms as its juxtaposed against the clean bright pristine gallery space where you would expect to see high art. The painting attempts to fit in but stands out to the audience. I realise that it wouldn’t be liked by everyone in the room, however I have made a step towards creating something that can be disputed.





Delvoye is a world renowned fine artist that has raised the tattoo to fine art from outside the tattoo industry.

Signature – claims personal authorship over the work – not something seen often in the tattoo industry.

Use of iconic tattoo styles.

“raising and tattooing pigs that move from commodity status to high art status in a very short time”

“I prefer things that are not status enhancing and pigs are certainly not status enhancing”